CTX200 service workshop manual

Unfortunately there is no service/workshop manual for the Honda CTX200. It doesn’t exist. However, there IS a service manual for the 2001 XL200, which is mechanically the same bike as the CTX200.

You can get download it here.

I had to search high and low for this. Get it while you can!

7 thoughts on “CTX200 service workshop manual”

  1. Los felicito grandemente es de mucha ayuda la informacion del armado y despiece del motor muchas muchas gracias

  2. Hello.
    You have an amazing page with a beautiful bike.
    I own a previous model, an XL 200 model 2007, I’ve had it for 6 years and all I have to say about it are wonders.
    Thanks a lot for the service manual, it’s very useful.
    By the way: nice pictures an videos, I enjoyed the ride!

  3. Best “BIG-LITTLE” bike I’ve ever owned !. I keep it in Costa Rica for having more fun than a man should be allowed to have.
    Thank you for being such a fine website !.

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