Honda XR190 AG

It’s true. The Honda CTX200 has been replaced with the fuel injected XR190 AG. The XR190 has most of the same features as the CTX200 – kick start, two stands, front and rear rack, bash/crash guards, rear drum brake, and huge mudflaps. It’s missing the clutch lock lever, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have an engine bash plate. It does however get a fuel gauge and helmet lock.
It looks like a decent bike. It’s made in China like most of the newer XRs. It’s ADR from the factory too, so no backyard Honda Australia ADR “improvements” have been done to it.
$4990 ride away, includes 12 months registration and stamp duty. Doesn’t sound too bad.

4 thoughts on “Honda XR190 AG”

    1. Same as the CTX200. I knew the XR190 would have electric start, but wasn’t expecting Honda to keep the kick start. They’ve done well to include all the the good things from the CTX200.
      The clutch lock is the only thing that some farmers might miss.
      Does the XR190 have a bash plate? That’s the one thing I forgot to look for.

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