Honda XR190 AG

It’s true. The Honda CTX200 has been replaced with the fuel injected XR190 AG. The XR190 has most of the same features as the CTX200 – kick start, two stands, front and rear rack, bash/crash guards, rear drum brake, and huge mudflaps. It’s missing the clutch lock lever, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have an engine bash plate. It does however get a fuel gauge and helmet lock.
It looks like a decent bike. It’s made in China like most of the newer XRs. It’s ADR from the factory too, so no backyard Honda Australia ADR “improvements” have been done to it.
$4990 ride away, includes 12 months registration and stamp duty. Doesn’t sound too bad.

Doogee X7

New navigation

I recently bought a cheap Doogee X7 from DealExtreme to use as a GPS on the CTX200. After a few weeks of testing, I’m 100% satisfied with it. Great battery life, and a very bright clear screen – even through the cheap and nasty zip pouch mount that I’m using. I’m running the Doogee X7 without a sim card, and using offline maps with OSMAnd and RMaps.

Total cost: $115 for the Doogee X7, and $10 for the pouch/mount, including delivery.

CTX200 17500 km update

After over 17500kms, I’m really impressed with how easy and inexpensive it is to work on the CTX200.
There’s not a lot to it.
This is my first bike, and so far I’ve been able to do everything myself (with the help of YouTube).

5000kms – Disassembled and cleaned carburetor just for fun.
5000kms – Installed ADV Monster headlight and aux CREE headlights.
6000kms – New tyres.
9000kms – Valve spacing adjusted. Intake spacing was good. Exhaust was 0.07mm, so adjusted it to 0.1mm.
13500kms – New front tyre.
14000kms – Changed brake fluid.
14750kms – New chain, new front and rear sprockets. New top chain roller.
17500kms – Tightened steering bearings.

CTX200 fuel consumption

I’ve done some rough calculations on the real world fuel consumption of my CTX200. Most of my riding is done at an average speed of 50-60kmph on dirt trails/farm lanes using 91 octane BP petrol. I regularly get around 200km before having to switch to the reserve tank. I haven’t run the reserve tank dry, so the reserve and total range figures are estimates.
200km on 6.7L main tank = 3.35L per 100km = 1L = 29.85km.