About my CTX200

My bike is a 2010 Honda CTX200A Bushlander. I bought it in April 2014 with 137km on it, and had it trucked from NSW to Melbourne. I had it RWC’d, and after jumping through hoops with VicRoads, it’s now registered in Victoria.

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  1. Hi,

    As you, I’m a big fan of this bulletproof bike. I had one with 26000km on it.
    I congratulate your effort on this web site is really nice. You can count with me if you need some feedback/photos from Costa Rica.


  2. hello, I am from Ireland and am considering buying a used CTX200 for an extensive tour across the north of Australia. Are there any difficulties getting a CTX registered for the road? Does this differ from state to state? Can I buy in one state and register in another? Would also be interested in you opinion of suitability of CTX for such a trip Many thanks. Nigel

    1. The CTX200A is the road version. The CTX200 is the farm version and cannot be registered for the road. Any registered CTX200 you see for sale will be the A version, even if the seller doesn’t specifically mention it. There is no way to road register the farm version, so you’ll never see one legally on the roads here (they look 99% identical).
      As long as you buy a registered bike, you can simply transfer the registration into your name, and start riding. Some states (such as Victoria) require a Road Worthy Certificate to transfer the registration into your name. Since you’re touring, and not a resident, it doesn’t matter which state the bike is registered/purchased in. A registered bike can be ridden anywhere in AU.

      You need to read this thread over at ADV rider.
      Small tank. I get approximately 200km, plus another (untested) 50ish km on reserve.
      Low top speed. You’re probably looking at 80/90kmph top speed with gear on board. You can change the sprockets to increase top speed, but I wouldn’t bother.
      Have fun! 🙂

      1. Hi there…. I have bought the ctx 200 with the seller thinking it was registerable. However it’s not the A version.
        Did you have to jump through hoops to get the farm version registered? I’m wondering if there is still hope for me to get it’s compliance plates somehow. If not I’ll have to resell it.

        1. If you’re in Australia, as far as I know, you can’t get full road registration on the farm version because of the VIN, even if it has all the required ADR stuff added to it. You can get recreational reg, but that probably isn’t going to help. You should be able to get your money back on the farm version, especially as farmers start to realise that they can’t buy a new one anymore.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for your videos and website. It was a great source of info on the CTX200 and helped me make up my mind to finally buy one.

    I got one with 900km on it for $2000, gotta love that! Absolutely love the bike, its basically my backup survival bike when I go prospecting in the middle of the deserts of Western Australia. Would feel pretty confident in a zombie apocalypse on this thing, even kick starts without a battery.

  4. Hello!
    I am sagu from Tanzania. I recently buy this awesome byke, bushlander ctx200 from a friend who got it from one of the agricultural seeds companies in his town.
    I truly enjoy riding on this bike and it helps me a lot in my farm activities.
    However, i have not been able to get the operating/ service manual for my bike. I need to know the actual amount of engine oil that is required when performing routine services, i hope you can provide me with this important info. Also i would like to ask you if its possible to get this MANUAL in soft copy.
    I will be very glad to receive answers from you.
    Sagu. (Manyara-Tanzania)

    1. Hi Sagu. You can download the XL200 service/workshop manual here. The XL200 is the same bike as the CTX200.
      The CTX200 takes 1 litre of engine oil. I use a 1 litre bottle of Honda GN4 every oil change.

  5. In which markets are these bikes available as I don’t see any for sale in the UK as one would be very handy in my agricultural business. What are the advantages of the Honda over the Yamaha ag bike ? Thanks

    1. As far as I know, the CTX200 is only available in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Africa and South America. And maybe Japan. I’ve never heard of anyone in the UK with one.
      The only real advantage (in Australia) over the Yamaha AG200 is that the CTX200 can be fully road registered, whereas the AG200 can only be farm registered.

    2. hi, I have just bought a 2003 XL200, looks identical, apart from the useful looking racks. I need to find the racks! Greetings from Yorkshire 🙂

        1. Thanks, I am just finishing the process of stripping and rebuilding the bike, using copious quantities of grease, AF90 and copper-slip. In preparation for the UK’s wonderful climate. 14 years old, only 3500km on the clocks and obviously never been serviced! I may well have a go at making some racks if I can’t find any. Just fitted Mitas E08 tyres today.

  6. Hi guys, looking at getting a CTX200 for my brother to go riding with me in the high country around where I live. I notice it doesn’t seem to have a compliance plate. It has been registered before as farm rego in NSW. Does anyone know if I could get recreational rego in Vic with this model? Thanks

  7. Just picked up a new CTX200. Great bike. Heard they are being replaced by a cheap Chinese 190 ag bike…. shame!

    Anyway, looking to kit out my bike. I like the storage box on yours. Can I buy these or did you make this up yourself?

    1. Storage box is $45 from Super Cheap Auto. Do a search for “Toolpro Safe Case” on the SCA site. They come in a few different sizes – mine is 460 x 360 x 175mm.
      Who told you the CTX200 is being discontinued?

      1. hi mate. Yes it’s true. the ctx is getting replaced by the new xr190. Hope it will be just as good. Not happy to see the ctx go. I have now about 40000 km on it and no sign of her getting tired.

        1. I’m up to 23000 km, still looks and runs like new.
          Yeah… I’ve confirmed it with a couple of local Victorian Honda dealers. The CTX200 is well and truly gone.
          I had a good look at the XR190AG a few weeks ago and it’s not a bad bike. Other than the missing carburettor, it has most of the stuff that I like about the CTX200 … thankfully it retains the kick start, twin stands, front and read mud flaps, front rack, and engine/handlebar crash bars. I don’t think it has a solid bash plate for the engine, and no clutch lock (not that I’ve ever used it)… but they’ve added a helmet lock loop thing and a FUEL GAUGE.
          Speedo goes up to 140kmh. Haha.

  8. PS: did you just drill through the box and screw it down? Simple enough but would be handy to know if there is a better way…particularly as would like to be able to remove it quickly and easily

    1. Yeah I just drilled it and secured it with nylon lock nuts and stainless bolts/washers. I also put some DIY rubber washers between the box and rack to stop it vibrating.
      I have to remove the box to remove the seat. Takes about 5 mins to remove. Not sure if you could mount if further back to avoid this (I can’t be stuffed to go and look).
      No idea how you could mount it if you wanted quick release for commuting etc.
      Would you mind letting me know who the Honda dealers were that said the CTX200 was being retired? I’d like to investigate.
      You can email me if you want – contact@ctx200.com

      EDIT: I just found this. I’m guessing this is what the dealers were talking about.

  9. Hey mate, looking at buying a low klm CTX200 bushlander, just wondering if I change the front sprocket by one tooth could I comfortably cruise at 90kph on one of these ??

    1. At 90, even if you change the sprocket, you won’t have anything left to spare, so it wouldn’t be very safe in traffic at highway speeds. I can hold 90 going absolutely flat out, but it’s not much fun. Comfortable top speed for me with the standard sprocket is around 80 (on gravel, no traffic).

        1. So it was simpler than I thought. I was trying to use the pre drilled holes in the number plate. Ignore these and drill new holes closer to the centre of the plate, and screw onto mud guard directly under the license plate light.

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