CTX200 17500 km update

After over 17500kms, I’m really impressed with how easy and inexpensive it is to work on the CTX200.
There’s not a lot to it.
This is my first bike, and so far I’ve been able to do everything myself (with the help of YouTube).

5000kms – Disassembled and cleaned carburetor just for fun.
5000kms – Installed ADV Monster headlight and aux CREE headlights.
6000kms – New tyres.
9000kms – Valve spacing adjusted. Intake spacing was good. Exhaust was 0.07mm, so adjusted it to 0.1mm.
13500kms – New front tyre.
14000kms – Changed brake fluid.
14750kms – New chain, new front and rear sprockets. New top chain roller.
17500kms – Tightened steering bearings.

7 thoughts on “CTX200 17500 km update”

  1. thanks for the info guys. I replaced the rear sprocket with a 37 tooth from a honda cbr 250 which gave it much more legs for the longer rides without to silly when it comes to take off. Very happy.

  2. Don’t remember ,sorry. If you look through the dealers sprocket book under the cbr 250 and match the bolt pattern you will easily find it. I had to go through the whole damn book lol.

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