CTX200 fuel consumption

I’ve done some rough calculations on the real world fuel consumption of my CTX200. Most of my riding is done at an average speed of 50-60kmph on dirt trails/farm lanes using 91 octane BP petrol. I regularly get around 200km before having to switch to the reserve tank. I haven’t run the reserve tank dry, so the reserve and total range figures are estimates.
200km on 6.7L main tank = 3.35L per 100km = 1L = 29.85km.

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  1. My CTX200 has done 28000km. Mainly on road (road tyre on back,semi off road front). What a commuter. The engine starting to make a clanging noise when it gets hot. Is it cam chain or primary chain. I do ride very hard. Only get appr, 22km a lt. Regular oil change and changed one batt. and 3 sets off front disc pads. Thanks for this opp to share.

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