Honda XR190 AG

It’s true. The Honda CTX200 has been replaced with the fuel injected XR190 AG. The XR190 has most of the same features as the CTX200 – kick start, two stands, front and rear rack, bash/crash guards, rear drum brake, and huge mudflaps. It’s missing the clutch lock lever, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have an engine bash plate. It does however get a fuel gauge and helmet lock.
It looks like a decent bike. It’s made in China like most of the newer XRs. It’s ADR from the factory too, so no backyard Honda Australia ADR “improvements” have been done to it.
$4990 ride away, includes 12 months registration and stamp duty. Doesn’t sound too bad.

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    1. Same as the CTX200. I knew the XR190 would have electric start, but wasn’t expecting Honda to keep the kick start. They’ve done well to include all the the good things from the CTX200.
      The clutch lock is the only thing that some farmers might miss.
      Does the XR190 have a bash plate? That’s the one thing I forgot to look for.

  1. The gearing 1st to 2nd is not good for farm use with a very touchy throttle makes to sensitive for low speed work, the engine lacks low down grunt. The seat is hard and not so comfortable, Honda have done themselves no favors with this bike it is cheap and you get what you pay for.

  2. Hi
    Information and road tests about these new AGXR 190 are very difficult to find, apart from a few from India etc which is really just riding in the traffic tests?
    Has anyone bought one yet and can provide a review (proper) one of both road and off rode capabilities.
    In particular the engine and gearbox, I’m told it’s a completely different engine dohc with fuel injection. I’m wanting to buy one this week but I’m a bit concerned about the new engine in terms of reliability as it’s only new, because the first new model always has teething problems of sorts.
    I really like the look of it, and in Australia we get all the ctx200 racks,crashbars etc.
    So can anyone who knows of test/can write a decent review if you have owned one, I know they are just new, but the basic bike without the extras is called a xr190 and has been out since July 2017.

  3. Has anyone bought a new agxr 190, and would like to share a review of the bike, somebody must have one.
    I have seen 2 near new Agxr’s for sale in the last 3 weeks for $3000-$3500 on gumtree recently, hope this isn’t a bad sign of problems ?

  4. Hi guys, can anyone tell me what replacement rear mono shock could I use to replace the standard ctx rear shock, and
    Where to buy it from, I read somewhere that an mx125 Aprillia rear mono shock will fit , just makes it sit up about 40mm higher in the rear, anyone else know of direct replacements??

  5. Hi,
    don’t know if this website is still in use, if anyone can tell me what replacement rear shock can you use in place of the standard ctx 200 factory shock, that would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for you for your answer in advance.

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